What Are the Steps to Get a Sparkling Office?

The office cleaning can be a very tedious task. There are a number of guests, employees, and vendors footfall in the office every now and then in the whole day. Office cleaning becomes vital not just for appealing interiors or impressing clients but also for hygiene purposes. A neat and tidy environment also increases work productivity.

It is not possible for any single person to run the office as well as look into other aspects of the business. Outsourcing the relevant work to the erudite company can save you time, money and also energy. It will give you enough time to focus on your own learned area for better-enhanced productivity.

Steps to achieve a clean office

  1. Organize Loose Sheets – The messy paper works lying here and there in the office looks very untidy. In such chaotic situation, your work also gets hampered as it is likely that you will not be able to find the exact document required. Cabinets must be used to organize your documents, paperwork, etc. to de-clutter your space.
  2. Sanitize the washrooms – For the safety of the clients and the employees, a clean washroom is a must. The most visited area in the office is the washroom and should be cleaned on a regular basis. A disinfecting natural and environment-friendly cleaner must be used to wipe the sink, floor, and the counterparts of the wash room. From scrubbing the toilet bowl to wiping the seat lid and more, must be cleaned thoroughly to avoid any kind of infection.
  3. Protection of electronic items – Keeping your office equipment clean and dust free is a must for its durability and long run. Electronic items need proper care and only a professional cleaner has the right knowledge to clean it accordingly.
  4. Emptying the garbage basket – The rest room, public area, break room, conference room and other office spaces have a waste basket, which must be cleaned with precision.
  5. Presentable Lounge or Visitor’s area – The first impression creates the last impression for the visitors and clients. A systematic attention and care must be taken to clean this area as it will convey your outlook on your business.
  6. Divide Your Workspace Into Zones.
  7. Have a day where you empty everything out of your table.

If you want work productivity from your workforce, reduce the number of absentees, or protect the repute of the company, hiring a professional support can be of great help.

The Secret to Sparkling Clean Glasses

Restaurants need to ensure that every aspect of their premises is clean and hygienic. This applies to the catering equipment, the dining area, the kitchen, crockery, cutlery, cups and glasses. Most customers check that their glasses are clean when the waiter brings their drinks. If it is not clean, even if there is a speck on it, they will send it back and demand a new drink in a clean glass. This is their right, of course. Customers should be served refreshing drinks in clean glasses.

However, restaurants tend to get very busy and these small things are often missed, especially when the glasses are hand washed. Due to time constraints they may be washed quickly and not properly. For this reason, it is imperative that a restaurateur invests in catering equipment that is designed to wash a number of glasses and cups to crystal clear quality.

The DIHR Glass Dishwasher is the perfect catering equipment for this purpose and it is the secret to sparkling clean glasses. It is specifically designed to wash glasses and cups with a reasonable basket size of 350 x 350 millimetres. It can accommodate a maximum glass or plate height of 195 millimetres. In addition you can add cutlery and plates in this unit when required. It includes a mesh rack, a glass rack and a cutlery holder; and allows you to wash up to 30 racks per hour.

The DIHR Glass Dishwasher cleans cups and glasses on demand with a 120 per second wash cycle and consumes less than 2 litres of water per cycle. It is ideal if you are monitoring water consumption and want to save water per dishwashing cycle. In addition, it has a fully automatic process so you can continue with serving customers while the glasses and cups are being washed. For added convenience, it is manufactured with a gravity drain and the recommended drain height is at floor level.

This 33 kilogram unit is 400 x 470 x 570 millimetres in size and is small enough to fit either above or below a kitchen counter. This sleek catering equipment has a double skin door and a power output of 2.1 kilowatts. This allows you to keep the unit out of the way while maximising the productivity of the kitchen staff.

The DIHR Glass Dishwasher is ideal for coffee shops, restaurants, canteens and bars. It is efficient and takes all the hard work out of cleaning glasses and cups, thus ensuring that you have more focus on the customers’ requests.

Marketing Case Study for Competitions: Sparkle Nail Salon

Company Background

Sparkle Nail Salon is a nail boutique located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 2000, Kim Nguyen founded the business after working in salons for 15 years. Sparkle’s first few years were rocky as Kim struggled to compete with the full-service spas and low-cost salons around town. Luckily, the salon was located in a busy shopping center, which brought in enough walk-ins to stay afloat. With roughly 200 “clientele,” Kim decided it was time to advertise.

Original Marketing Implementation

Without a clear marketing strategy, Kim entered the advertising world somewhat unaware of what to do. She set-up a contract for weekly newspaper advertisements and also purchased a small billboard on a city street near the office. Her small, eighth-page ad cost $500 a week, with a 3-month commitment. The billboard was $1,000 a month, also with a 3-month commitment. This brought Kim’s total advertising expenditure to $9,000. Within those three months, Sparkle gained 51 new clients.

Nail Design Competition

Kim wasn’t satisfied with the return on her investment, so she let the billboard deal expire and dropped the newspaper ads to once a month, saying, “What I do know about marketing is that success doesn’t happen overnight, but I still thought I could get better results by being more-creative.” Her answer came when an employee suggested hosting a nail design competition. All of her nail artists were looking to expand their craft and be more-creative, so the idea took off quickly. Kim purchased a large vinyl banner to hang over her storefront promoting the competition dates. Customers were encouraged to book an appointment with one of 5 competing artists to receive an avant-garde nail design. In exchange they received a free manicure/pedicure that they could use at Sparkle later in the year. Pictures were taken of each design and the shop clientele were able to vote for their favorite design. The nail artists were charged with referring new business and driving new clientele into the salon to vote for their designs.

Growth and Adjustments

The competition received a tremendous response. Each artist booked 10 appointments, which led to 50 entries total, 38 of which were new clients referred through seeing the banner or word-of-mouth. The voting process became a bit complicated in the store so Kim decided to take the voting online to Sparkle’s website and social-networking pages. The banner only cost $150, made sure not to include specific dates in the design, Kim will be able to use it for future competitions.


In a crowded market, Kim knew she had to find a niche and be creative to make Sparkle Nail Salon a successful business. Since high-end and low-cost were already taken, Kim instead chose cutting-edge. Hosting a competition featured the up-and-coming art of extreme nail design, which built the credibility of her employees and at the same time became a viral campaign, spreading across town through word-of-mouth. The business signs outside the storefront also attracted new customers, so many in fact that Kim decided to order another banner to replace the competition one-this one featuring her regular manicure and pedicure special. All in all, the competition and its subsequent bookings took up a month’s time, which brought 75 new clients to Sparkle, for a fraction of her original marketing investment (using newspaper ads and billboards).


  • It’s important that your business has a niche in the market. Being all things to all people is often a tough sell-most business, especially when starting out, find a specific demographic and focus on reaching it in the most-effective way possible.
  • Tried-and-true forms of advertising have their place, but if they’re not in the budget, there are other alternatives. Look for mediums that provide high “bang for your buck,” such as a vinyl banner in this case.
  • Don’t be afraid to do something outside-the-box. Hosting a competition not only builds buzz and awareness of your business, but it also pushes your employees to be the best and bring in new clientele.
  • Utilize the power of word-of-mouth. New customers are more-likely to believe those they trust (friends, family, coworkers), than a random ad they see from a business.