More Jewellers See Business Sparkle With the Help of Reliable Courier Services

A boom in people buying jewellery online has led to calls for more retailers in the sector to capitalise on the trend by setting up transactional websites. A report by an online market research company claimed that the gap between the number of people shopping online and those buy goods from bricks-and-mortar stores had narrowed to just eight per cent during 2009.

Eighty-eight per cent of people claimed to have bought items of jewellery online during the year, compared with 96 per cent who visited a store. Women, whether buying for themselves, or purchasing gifts to be given to someone else, made up by far the largest proportion of online buyers.

Of course, sending such valuable items demands a delivery service which is reliable, punctual and trustworthy. But with many jewellery retailers now turning to setting up their own e-stores, it is clearly an area which poses them few concerns, and where they feel that today’s highly organised delivery companies can help them achieve the goal of bringing in more business.

Online sales of jewellery in the UK rose from £15.7billion in 2008, to £17.8billion the following year, market analysts have reported, demonstrating that the market has performed well, even when much of the rest of the economy has been stifled by recession. As jewellery packaging is often an integral part of the experience of buying, retailers expanding their presence online are anxious to see that courier companies can handle their packages with care and sensitivity.

So they will naturally be more likely to turn to a delivery company which they already know through their trade contacts. But with the deregulation of parcel delivery services, it is now easier for them to compare courier services, before settling for the one which offers them the most reliable and secure service. If the purchaser knows the item they are looking for, buying jewellery online as a gift also becomes a less stressful task, when they can be assured that the company from whom they are buying, be it a manufacturer or retailer, has a trusting relationship with the delivery company which will result in that company taking special care of the packages it is entrusted to deliver.

Arranging the delivery of such valuable items as jewellery is clearly a far more delicate task than most other shipments. And a reliable courier service can make receiving a sparkly gift even more special, making the recipient’s heart leap at the sound of the doorbell.