Tips in Making Your Crystal Chandelier Sparkling Clean

Indeed, putting a crystal chandelier can add beauty and elegance to any room.

One can put the crystal chandelier to your hall, or dining table, in your bedroom, or even in your bathroom, you can put it to any place you please, absolutely it will add spark in that certain area.

But in order to make sure that your crystal chandelier can always add beauty, elegance and spark into your home; you have to give time to clean it. For sure you wanted a shiny crystal chandelier than a dusty chandelier, do I make sense now. This article will give you some tips in cleaning and making your crystal chandelier sparkling clean.

For a rapid cleaning, you better start by putting newspaper or towels into the floor, a drop cloth beneath the crystal chandelier, to make sure that the home will not get messy just because you’re cleaning a certain part of it. Now, you have to use a long-handled feather duster and reach it up and clean as much as you can. The next thing to do is take a glass cleaner and spray your crystal chandelier. Do not hesitate to wet you crystal chandelier with glass cleaner, actually that would be a good idea. Then just let it drip off, then that’s it. With that little work, your crystal chandelier is sparkling clean again. This is a great and easy way to clean your crystal chandelier.

But of course, immense cleaning should happen even once a year, which would be a more outstanding way to make sure that you crystal chandelier is well cleaned. You just have to bear in mind that immense cleaning requires scrubbing and disassembly. But of course, this article will give you tips on how to go about immense cleaning.

The first thing you should do is turn out the light. Then you gently remove the lamps of from the fixtures. But of course, you need someone to help you especially if the crystal chandelier is big and heavy. If you prefer not to remove the crystal chandelier and just leave the crystal chandelier attached, all you have to do then is remove the crystals since they need some cleaning. Then you have to remove the bulbs of the crystal chandelier. In order to protect your crystal chandelier it is wiser to lay down a folded towel into the wash pan or any basin you decide to use for cleaning. The next thing you should do is fill the basin with hot water and add soap or any detergent of your choice. Then gently remove each crystal and wash them with the soap or detergent, rinse them will the hot water, it is even wiser to have another basin with hot water with a little ammonia in it, if you desire to. Wipe the crystals dry and immediately put the crystals back onto the chandelier. Now, you have to bear in mind that you do not have to remove the crystal all at the same time, because you might forget the exact place of the crystals when you are putting them back, so better to remove one at a time. Then you have to wipe the arms of the crystal chandelier. Then wipe the bulbs and as soon as you are done wiping put the bulbs back to there socket.

At some point, you can’t determine how dirty a thing is unless you will see it sparkling clean again. So in order to see your crystal chandeliers sparkling clean again, you better do the tips these article mentioned.